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Sep 24, 2010 7:00pm PDT
collided with a japanese patrol ship off the senkaku islands in the east china sea. >> the prosecutor cited that given an impact on the japanese public and future relations with china they decided it is not appropriate to detain the captain any longer. they said the captain will be released after proceedings are completed. japan's chief cabinet secretary says the government understands the decision taken by prosecutors. the government received a report from the naha district public prosecutors office that the decision was in line with japan's criminal laws. >> he said prime minister naoto kan was informed of the decision through his secretaries and that china was informed through diplomatic channels after the prosecutors announced the decision. sengoku said the standoff threatened to harm ties between the two countries. he called for a renewal for efforts to improve mr. strategic and beneficially bilateral relations. a chinese foreign ministry spokesperson says china will send a chartered plane to get the captain. >>> on secptember 7 japanese trauler collided. the japan coast guard officers
Sep 27, 2010 5:00pm PDT
's territorial waters in the east china sea. he said six japan coast guard boats have been kiss patched to the area, to insure that the chinese ships do not enter japanese waters. >> translator: we've already warned china four times to stop taking such action. we wonder why the country won't simply stop doing such things. >> yoshito sengoku reiterated that the islands are japanese territory and this is acknowledged historically internationally. he said japan's government will address the matter. >>> the head of japan's largest business organization has expressed concern about the rising tension between japan and china over the incident near the senkaku islands. now he said the situation should not be allowed to affect bilateral economic activities. japan business federation chairperson, spoke about the issue at a news conference on monday. >> the senkaku issue has become a major problem between japan and china, let's look at how the story has unfolded. >> top officials from japanese ministries and agencies gathered at prime minister naoto kan's official residence on the night of septemb
Sep 8, 2010 5:00pm PDT
on tuesday off the senkaku islands in the east china sea. the coast guard says the trawler was operating in japanese waters. it also says the fishing boat ignored a warning to stop and collided with two patrol ships as it fled. the fishing boat eventually stopped outside japanese waters. coast guard officials boarded it to question the crew. investigators are asking the captain about his motives. they believe he intentionally rammed his boat into the patrol ships to obstruct the inspection. the senkaku islands are claimed by japan, china and taiwan. chinese fishing boats are frequently seen in japan's exclusive economic zone near the islands, and the coast guard repeatedly calls on them to halt operations. japan's foreign ministry spoke about the incident on wednesday in tokyo. press secretary sato rusato reiterated japan's claimn the senkaku islands. >> translator: this incident obstructed the duties of the japan coast guard within japanese territorial waters. we'll handle the matter calmly and in accordance with japanese law. >> the press secretary added that the incident will not hurt
Sep 24, 2010 6:00pm PDT
said he deliberately rammed his boat into their naval patrols in the east china sea. >> a japanese government spokesman announced the chinese captain was being released. he took a diplomatic, almost conciliatory tone. >> the fact is this issue threatened to stranded japanese- chinese ties and were showing signs of worsening. japan-china relations are very important both countries should make an effort to develop strategic and mutually beneficial relations in the future. >> the rest of the fishing trawler captain sparked the worst. down in relations between the countries in years. japan accuse the chinese captain of deliberately ramming to patrol vessels near disputed islands in the east china sea. that prompted china to break off all ministerial level contact with tokyo. beijing continued to pile on the diplomatic pressure to be released. the captain was detained close to a group of islands claimed by both china and japan. the area around the islands is thought to be rich in oil and natural gas resources. >>> international protest over the u.s. state of virginia is execution of a w
Sep 7, 2010 5:00pm PDT
with a japanese patrol ship off the senkaku islands off the east china sea tuesday. coast guard officials say the trawler was operating in japanese waters. they also say the fishing boat ignored a warning to stop and collided with the two patrol ships as it fled. the fishing boat eventually stopped outside japanese waters and coast guard officials boarded the trawler to question its crew. the officialsoncluded that the captain intentionally rammed his boat into e of the patrol ships to obstruct the inspection. chinese fishing boats are frequently seen in japan's exclusive economic zone near the islands, and the coast guard repeatedly calls on them to halt operations. the senkaku islands are also claimed by china and taiwan. >>> now responding to the ship collision, the japanese foreign ministry summoned a senior official of the chinese embassy to the foreign ministry on tuesday and launched a protest. calling the chinese trawlers' act vicious and regrettable the rin min stree requested that china step up its instructions on fishing boats operating near japanese waters. later in the evening pr
Sep 7, 2010 7:00pm PDT
morning after his trawler collided with a japanese patrol ship off the senkaku islands in the east china sea on tuesday. coast guard officials say the trawler was operating in japanese waters. they also say the fishing boat ignored a warning to stop and collided with the two patrol ships as it fled. the fishing boat eventually stopped outside japanese waters and coast guard officials boarded the trawler to question its crew. the officials concluded that the captain intentionally rammed his boat into one of the patrol ships to obstruct the inspection. chinese fishing boats are frequently seen in japan's exclusive economic zone near the islands and the coast guard repeatedly calls on them to halt operations. the senkaku islands are also claimed by china and taiwan. the japanese foreign ministry summoned a senior official of the chinese embassy to the foreign ministry on tuesday and lodged a protest. calling the chinese trawler's act vicious and regrettable the ministry requested that china step up its instructions on fishing boats operating near japanese waters. later in the evening prime
Sep 22, 2010 7:00pm PDT
was arreste after he rammed his trawler into ja vessels in the east china sea. it happened off the senkaku islands which are a part of okinawa an are claimed by china and taiwan. chinese premier wen jiabao renewed th t skipper's release when he met with chinese students studying in the united states.cha' state agency quoted him as saying they are his nation's territory. the arrest has anger cne . he vowed that china would take further action if japan does not comply with its demand. this is the first time that the chinesere h commented onhe incident. china has canceled top level talks with japan that were t kelan the sidelines of the u.n. general assembly in new york. japan's chief cabinet officer sengoku says japan and china ould hold talks to resolve the issue. speaking on wednesday, sengoku stressed that the government needs to follow due process in addressing the issue under japanese law but look into the future, he said. it's important to address the issue based on the understanding that japan should have a mutually beneficial relationship with china as a major neighbor with growing e
Sep 28, 2010 7:00pm PDT
sharply since a collision of boats in the east china sea earlier this month. foreign minister seiji maehara said on tuesday that he instructed japan's missions abroad to explain the incident to their host nations and china's reaction. prime minister naoto kan said he plans to do the same when he attends the asia-europe meeting in brussels next week. >> japan last week released the captain of the chinese fishing boat that collided with japanese patrol vessels near japan's senkaku islands. china also claims the islands. however, relations have since shown little sign of improvement. chief cabinet secretary yoshito sengoku said on tuesday that the ball is now in china's court. but a chinese foreign ministry spokesperson said japan should first take concrete actions to mend ties. >>> the latest quarterly survey of business sentiment in japan has been released. ines matsuyama from our business desk has the details. ines? >> thank you very much, catherine. >>> the bank of japan says business sentiment among major manufacturers has improved for six straight quarters. but the strong yen is
Sep 15, 2010 7:00pm PDT
government has given tacit approval to taiwan's protests against japan over the senkaku islands in the east china sea. on monday a fishing boat carrying two taiwanese activists headed toward the islands to protest japan's handling of an incident in which a chinese trawler rammed into japanese patrol boats in the area. japan arrested the trawler's captain on wednesday last week. it also detained the vessel and its 14 remaining crew members for questioning and inspection. the activists' boat returned to taiwan on tuesday, after japanese patrol boats warned it not to enter japanese waters. on wednesday a spokesperson for china's taiwan affairs office expressed understanding of the activists' protest. >> more and more chinese have been expressing support on the internet for the actions of the taiwanese boat. observers say china is likely to exploit growing anger in taiwan to intensify pressure on japan. meanwhile, japanese nationals living in china are being warned of growing local protests over japan's handling of the incident. messages online are calling for large-scale anti-japan demonstrati
Sep 15, 2010 2:30pm PDT
in the east china sea. the group of eight uninhabited islands, and taiwan also claims the territory. >> this latest round started when this chinese scholar ranted two japanese coast vessels near the island. 14 vessels arrived back of the island after being released, and early on, they are set to join them, but the damage has already spread beyond the vote. they did counsel talks with tokyo over the area's boiling gas reserves. now, reports in the japanese media suggest that the bilateral summit at next week was the general assembly is also under threat. that is why there is a lot riding on the decision of japanese prosecutors. they have until sunday to release or charged the captain. in hong kong, supporters handed a letter a petition to japanese consulate stars. tokyo says the case is simply being processed according to the law, but there's a lot more riding on his case than most. >> the latest headlines for you this hour -- millions of people are suffering from hunger in niger where drought and flooding have destroyed crops. the american middle east envoy george mitchell is saying
Sep 15, 2010 5:30pm PDT
country pose a ship captain. his fate is the subject of a decade-old tussle over an archipelago in east china sea. the group of eight islands are claimed by both japan and china. taiwan also is a claim to the territory, whose ownership has been disputed ever since japan's defeat in world war ii. the latest fight started when this caller rammed two japanese vessels near the island. 14 crew members arrived in china on monday after they were released from custody, and early on wednesday, the vessel johnson, but the damage has already spread beyond the boat, staging council talks with tokyo over the area's oil and gas resource, which were set for last week, and now reports that the media suggested the summit for the united nations general assembly is also under threat. that is why there is a lot riding on the decision of japanese prosecutors. they have until sunday to release or charge their fishing boat captain. in hong kong, supporters handed a letter a petition to japanese consulate staff. tokyo says the case is simply being processed according to the law, but there's a lot more riding o
Sep 30, 2010 12:30am PDT
captain released by japan last week. the countries are in dispute over islands in the east china sea. south korea says it has begun its first high-level military talks with north korea in two years. they are meeting in a truce village in the demilitarized zone that divides the peninsula. the last held talks in october 2008. british scientists say they have found the first direct evidence to show that attention deficit and hyperactivity disorder could be caused by a distant -- by a genetic disorder. up to 5% of children worldwide are thought to have the condition, which causes restless or aggressive behavior. the united states has placed eight iranian officials on the financial blacklist for their role in alleged human-rights violations following the disputed election last year. among the eight are the commander of iran's revolutionary guard and the interior minister. >> on these officials' watch or under their command, iranian citizens have been arbitrarily arrested, beaten, tortured, raped, black males, and killed, yet the iranian government has ignored repeated calls from the inter
Sep 19, 2010 5:30am PDT
shifting east, china, the population of 20 times that of the uk. india roughly the same. and then you've got country likes brazil and indonesia and so on, right. in the world that is developing, a country like mine, and even in a way a country like yours, you need these alliances in order to be able to exercise power and influence and get weight for your views. when i say to people of the uk, the population of china will grow next year by roughly the entire population of the uk, wow. when you say to them india will produce more civil engineers next year than the whole of europe put together. when you say we got a debate in uk whether to build another runway at heathrow. china is going to build 7-0 new international airports in the next 10, 15 years. what we've got to understand is the scale of this. you know, what will go on in china is an industrialization that is about four times the size of that of the u.s. and about five times the speed. now that's what is going to go on. and for all of us, we were brought up with european or western governance, really. for the last not just 100 y
Sep 23, 2010 4:30pm PDT
news global leaders united with nations with china's economic growth, and peace in the middle east. to meet with china's premier. with a lunch hosted by making a toast to another appeal for peace. >> as we all know or if work is far from over in the months, years ahead of the challenges we face will require all nations and all peoples. that is no real change, happens. it will require the leadership of everybody in this room. despite our differences, and our people share a common aspirations. to live in security, free from fear, and live in dignity, free from want. to provide for our families, and to realize that there is a better tomorrow. as leaders, each of us has and responsibility to answer those and to leave our children, a better world. >> after the luncheon, speeches resumed in the u.s. delegation walked out as iran president, much more, and it's just that americans were behind the terror attack. and an attempt to ensure israel's survival. the i rain president mahmood, did the jo a ahmadinejad. >> details coming up fifth off ♪ >> new details on the california budget battle
Sep 29, 2010 5:30pm PDT
boats in the east china sea. that's an area rich in gas deposits around a string of uninhabited islands with rival names called the diaoyus in china and the senkakus in japan. the seizure sparked a test of wills between asia's traditional economic and military power, japan-- and its rising one, china. china didn't to hesitate to threaten, and use, its clout. >> ( translated ): china will take strong countermeasures, and all the consequences will be born by the japanese side. >> reporter: beijing's countermeasures took aim at the heart of the japanese economy. china blocked exports to japan of so-called rare earth elements -- key components of high-tech manufactured items from iphones, wind mills and computer hard drives to sophisticated military equipment. china controls an estimated 97% of the world's current market in these rare earth elements. >> frankly, these stories about the rare exports being held up to japan is a kind of leverage that i thought went out with the cold war 20 years. so i would characterize it as a harsh reaction, unnecessary in terms of the japanese overall goodw
Sep 2, 2010 7:00pm PDT
plenty of rain already to deal with across east asia, taiwan. the east coast of china has been seeing ongoing showers. that's looking to continue today. also, a new low is going to be moving into northeastern china, really bringing some heavy amounts of rainfall today. so that really ups the risk of flooding and landslides. for japan northern areas are starting to see the rain strengthen, and it will be quite strong throughout the day before it pulls away in the evening hours. 31 for your high in chongqing. 23 degrees in ulan bator, and it is going to be quite hot for tokyo again. 35 for your high today. in the atlantic we've been keeping an eye on hurricane earl. it is now getting very close to the outer banks of north carolina coastline. it remains a very strong hurricane. it's now at a category 2 strength. so showing some signs of weakening but packing very strong winds nonetheless. also, the core of the storm is getting very close to shore. this should remain offshore. but we'll be bringing plenty of strong winds, high waves, as well as the rainfall. so do stay on the watch for th
FOX News
Sep 6, 2010 5:00pm EDT
spending in the world? here it is. there is south asia. africa. this part is russia. right here. east asia. china. this is all europe. here is america. almost half of all money spent on the military expenditures the entire globe, we spend 47% of it. the next bigger spender is europe. by the way, that's not a country. that is a collection of countries. 20%. $289 billion is what they spend on military related expenses. $289 billion for everything. we spend $250 billion protecting them and fighting a war we're supposed to be partners with. for our defense? don't tell me we can't afford to cut back. we can. we found $400 billion to trim from the budget. we have just done a few things. all we need is commitment and common sense. but we also need understanding and we need a real dialogue with americans. >>> i vote for the plan! do you? next, what glenn says is particularly bankrupting america. ♪ grew up in a small town and when the rain would fall down ♪ ♪ i'd just stare out my window ♪ ♪ dreaming of what could be and if i'd end up happy ♪ ♪ i would pray i could breakaway ♪ ♪ i
Sep 23, 2010 1:00pm EDT
for globetrekking, our top story, several tiny uninhabited islands in the east china sea are at the heart of an escalating dispute between china and japan. you had a dispute with worldwide ramifications which could seriously impact the production of hybrid cars, wind turbines and even guided missiles. can you even imagine what those three things have in common? at issue is the question of just who has sovereignty over the islands named diaoyu. jill will correct me on my pr pronunciati pronunciation. it's called senkaku by japan. they've been claimed by china and japan, two different countries. the dispute erupted earlier this month when japan detained a chinese fishing boat and its crew that was operating in the area. all but the captain have been released and china is demanding that he be returned. in response, china has blocked vital exports to japan. okay, if you followed me this long, you'll want to hear more about this. joining me now is our foreign affairs correspondent joe doherty. the chinese and japanese prime ministers both at the u.n. right now. are they talking about this and
FOX News
Sep 14, 2010 9:00am EDT
their attention. they're protesting over disputed islands in the east china sea, all three nations claim a part of those islands, along with the right to fish there. hence the reason for the flying fish. martha: take that flounder! carp there's grouper! bill: coming your way. martha: it's
Sep 14, 2010 5:00am PDT
. the japanese government insisted the actions were justified. the islands are north of taiwan, east of china and south of japan. all three claim territorial rights. there oil and gas reserves in the area. >> hate to clean up after that one. >> a new green machine to get i around this morning. any other bicycles until you look up close, the frame is made from bamboo held together with hemp fiber and resin. the bam bike was invented by someone in india who said it weighs about seven pounds less than a regular bike. >> flu season is around the corner and using hand sanitizer may not help as much as think. a new study said using hand sanitizer is not effective in stopping the spread of common colds or flu. a lot of people say they would rather use it and be safe than sore. some people said at least having the bottles around encourages more people to be aware and be more hygienic. >> there spies in our public bathrooms and people here actually keeping things clean. the american society for microbiology conducted a survey about hand washing in four u.s. cities. in san francisco, 96% say they wash
Sep 23, 2010 5:30pm PDT
at the podium and he had a lot to say about the global economy, u.s. relations with china, the middle east peace process, but it wasn't just a day for diplomacy. there were some domestic issues to deal with as well. our white house correspondent savannah guthrie here in new york covering the president tonight. savannah, good evening. >> as you say, on foreign policy today was the main event. the president addressed the full u.n. assembly, a speech that covered the terrain of u.s. foreign policy, but it was striking how much time he devoted to the issue of middle east peace. making clear he's willing to put it on the line for an issue that's bedeviled so many of his predecessors. at the u.n. today, the president leaned hard on world leaders to finally achieve a long elusive goal in the middle east. >> we all have a choice to make. each of us must choose the path of peace. >> reporter: but at the very moment the president was laying out his foreign policy goals, his political opponents were rolling out their domestic agenda. >> americans across this country are outraged and so are we. >> reporter:
Sep 16, 2010 7:00am EDT
focus of the summit is meant to be about opening up trade links with the east, namely with india and china. as you said, it has been overshadowed by the fight between the eu commissioner and the french government. when president nicolas sarkozy arrived this morning, all the questions by reporters were about the affair. he did not say anything. he's expected to talk about it later today. the heads of states have a working lunch and there is an assumption that it will be raised during that president. -- during that period. he is expected to respond. >> there you detect that the eu justice commissioner who drew parallels to the nazis in the second world war -- you believe she has a lot of support inside the corridors of power inside the european union? >> she has stepped back a little bit from what she said. she has been reined in a little bit by the president of the commission, who has tried to po ur a little oil on these troubled waters by saying that he thinks she may have gone a little bit far. although, he does say france needs to look at what they're doing. there's a great dea
Sep 10, 2010 9:00pm PDT
going on the middle east as well, as china expands its interests there. is that an area where the united states and china will find themselves increasingly in competition for energy resources, perhaps other kinds of resources, not just in asia, but well beyond asia? randy? >> well, i think it's quite clear that china's consumption is going to continue to increase and so will ours, and so that puts us in the same space of needing energy. um, what's the real problem is--i think some of the commentators noted-- is the, if you could say, the externalities associated with that. china's support for some unsavory regimes, uh, their investment in these countries that does tend to breed and support uh, corruption. the fact that they're sort of taking a neo-mercantile approach to the acquisition of energy, when in fact there's very mature markets and these are fungible commodities, and so forth. so i think it's a space that we're going to both be occupying, and that also creates the possibility of cooperation, but there are second and third order effects to this that are going to be trouble soon a
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Sep 9, 2010 3:00pm EDT
east germany or china where there are no liberties and the police could do and can do whatever they want. who would want to live there? wester a constitution that restrains the government from doing certain things and tolerates the abuse and criminality of a few to preserve the privacy of us all. in if they want medical records they have to present probable cause of a crime to a judge. if the judge agrees the judge signs a warrant. if the judge disagrees the records are private and the government can't get them. >> shepard: and has always been. >> for 230 years been the law in the country. >> shepard: seems to work. the judge says here are the circumstances surrounding this, for the greater good and the protection of the public to make sure that the rule of law is enforced i will allow you to do this thing that you can't do without my permission. >> seems to work. sometimes courts say no because sometimes the police are looking for the medical records of the person that didn't commit the crime. say the child is abusing the drugs but it is the parent's prescription. that would n
Sep 14, 2010 7:00pm PDT
in the far east is the interest of the u.s. china has escalated the reaction to the detention. on monday they postponed a scheduled visit to japan by the national people's congress. >>> an exhibition by the japanese pop artist takashi murakami is under way at the palace of versailles in france. the show has been praised and criticized by french traditionalists. an installation of about 20 of murakami's works was open to the public on tuesday at the world heritage site outside paris. the animation inspired sculptures include a girl character and a colorful flower object. a six meter tall statue of a golden cupba, a legendary japanese creature, is in sharp contrast with its surroundings. >> i think it's a great idea to -- with the whole difference, it will make you think about the art itself and the place itself. >> dozens of french conservatives held a protest outside the palace arguing that the exhibits are unsuitable for the venue. >> murakami's exhibition will run through december 12th. >>> the organization of the petroleum exporting countries is 50 years ole. speaking on the anniversa
Sep 6, 2010 7:00pm PDT
a tropical storm system just yet. we will keep an eye on it. much of china dealing with ows lheayrothe southwest into the east coast. some of it will be quite heavy. more than 100 millimeters expected in the next 24 hours. 24 degrees in chong ching today. in manila, 33 degrees with thundershowers. let's head to northeastern mexico. the tropical storm continues to strengthen. it's getting very close to the east coast of northeastern mexico. about to make landfall monday night local time. we've gotrocastm warnings in effect as well as hurricane watches posted for are some of these areas. now once it makes landfall, it will to make its way further inland. we'll probably reach central texas early wednesday as a opalepssnr l pressure system. still, there will be ample amounts of rain in the days to come. flooding will be a major coern. over towards the atlantic, we're keeping an eye out on this low pressure moving towards the lerd islands. the system could also become a tropical storm system once again as well. the u.s. is going to be dealing with severe thunderstorms across the upper midwe
Sep 3, 2010 7:30am PDT
. as well as in china, japan, the united states europe. the middle east. africa. all of them cannot despise their resistance. despite their refusal stop that march of death. despite their resistance. communists repressives. zionists and anarchists. none can evade the march. this one is not coming with hammer and sickles . all wars surrender to. but when comes the cry? when will it really happen as death is peace? when can i truly die. you will never know yet you may have already and this life is your way of paying hommage to the power that loves and you left you with the taste of immortality on your lips. nothing mystical. no cries. power, your way. or buddha in the wings. even lying on your back, you are mocking. this is not a cynical, or pessimist or neonnist poem. join deaths to your life and you will live as if there 1 drum to march to. there is no march at all. you are there. all will be well for all. [applause]. >> >> >> >> >> thank you. thank you. i have um... thank you and peace be with you. there's three mike's here so i don't know if i should put this down. um... before i start
Sep 23, 2010 7:00pm PDT
winds and the high waves to impact the east coast of the country. elsewhere across asia, southern china is contending with some showers over the week, and of course this is the area where we really don't want any more rainfall after devastating floods that hit the guangdong region. now, we've got some footage coming out of guangdong. let's take a look now. this is due to the remnants of typhoon fanapi, which first made landfall in taiwan and made its way into fujian province as a severe tropical storm. floods washed away roads and bridges. many people are missing. and at least 55 people dead. >>> and now it looks like there will be some more showers over the -- over the area, over the weekend. humid air over from the south china sea is going to be meeting that cooler air from the north. and that's going to be helping to intensify those showers, especially as we head into your sunday. so we're not out of the woods just yet. keep updated with your local weather reports. now, up in ulan bator 19 degrees, quite mild today on friday, but that's going to be dropping dramatically down to subze
Sep 10, 2010 7:00pm PDT
joining prayers at the national mosque. >>> hi there, time for the world weather. what's going on in east asia. we're continuing to see tropical storm now a depression bring gusty conditions across eastern parts of china and we're also going to see that rainfall heavy as well. take a look at the next 48 hours. the depression will bring more rain not only for the eastern coastal areas but all the way down towards the south and into taiwan as well. but not only that, this rain, this moisture's going to be in hang sing, a system over the korean peninsula. intense downpours, maybe flooding rains and the rain will push into japan as we head into the weekend. high pressure to the south of that, we're going to be dry for the rest of ja. . high pressure in charge for northern areas of china and into mongolia. you can see across the indicating where bands, blues the heaviest rains, a lot of them are month tosoon rains. bangkok, you'll have 34 degrees to your high saturday. 34 in taipei. even tokyo, still warm. 25 with showers in seoul. 31 in beijing. along we go into north america. texas is quiete
Sep 3, 2010 5:00am PDT
, thank you very much. 5:18. still ahead, the latest traffic jam in china that will make your morning commute seem downride speedy. amid the handshakes, the middle east peace talks face a rocky road. a >>> 5:22 this friday morning, kicking off labor day weekend. live picture from the east bay. emeryville, interstate 80, the distance is the maze. a spare the air day. so going to work, please take mass transit. meagan's going to tell us what the traffic looks like this morning. mike will have the forecast for your labor day weekend. right now this news for you. a state appeals court has refused to order the governor and the attorney general to stand up for proposition 8. that's the ban on same sex marriage. backers had hoped to force the state to defend the measure because they may lack the legal standings to do so themselves. a federal judge has struck down the voter-approved law. both governor schwarzenegger and attorney general jerry brown have refused to depend prop 8 in court. israeli and palestinian negotiators meet today to try to begin hammering out a framework for a permanent p
Sep 9, 2010 7:00pm PDT
and down in southeastern china, tropical storm meranti made landfall, maximum wind speeds down to 72 kilometers per hour, still a strong system, creating strong winds along the east coast here as well as taiwan and bringing heavy rainfall in the next 24 hours. we're looking at rainfall affecting the east coast, out to shanghai, even down into the southern coast and also taiwan as well, where the ground is quite saturated. heavy rains and also thunderstorms affecting the koreas today on friday, and that's going to be moving in to japan next but throughout the day it will stay dry for the most part and temperatures climbing quite nicely down in the south as well, tokyo 31 degrees, and it will be fairly cool in seoul, 23 degrees. shanghai coming in at 30 degrees. now let's head to the americas, in fact we'll start off with the flooding situation in texas here, of course, this is due to the remnants of tropical storm hermine that caused drenching downpours in the last few days. so you can see roads and highways heavily inundated in parts of texas, homes, cars and fields were submerged as
Sep 29, 2010 11:00pm PDT
successful to try to seek hegemony, let's say. you know, 500, 600 years ago in the ming dynasty china's economy was 30% of the world economy. >> rose: right. >> but they sent fleets of ships all around southeast asia all the way to africa, middle east, they've never took a piece of land. they went there for trade and that's it. >> the united states has a pretty good reputation on that line, too. >> well, china is concerned. there are people in china that are concerned that the united states does not wish china well. >> rose: who is it that doesn't wish china well. >> there is a perception that there are people in america who do not wish china well. and the question is why is its arm sales to taiwan is continuing. the question is asked why is it that there are increased surveillances along china's very long coastline of chinese naval air force activities. and these are issues that are being raised and i think these the areas where a lot more dialogue needs to take place a lot more understanding needs to take place because on the one hand i think messages have been conveyed that we are
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